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Satosa-Saml2Spid 0.2.0

web application

A proxy that allows legacy Saml2 service providers to communicate with Spid Identity Providers

Software functionality

Saml2 IdP

Saml2 SP

Saml2 proxy to SPID Saml

compliant to spid-saml-check validations

Customizable with additional backends, frontends and microservices

Università della Calabria -

Università del Piemonte Orientale -

Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale -

  • infrastructures
  • detailed information

    Satosa-Saml2Spid 0.2.0

    web application

    Last release 2021-01-25 (0.2.0)

    Type of maintenance internal

    Supported languages Italian

    Extended description

    Satosa-Saml2 Spid is an intermediary between many SAML2 Service Providers and many SAML2 Identity Providers. Specifically it allows traditional Saml2 Service Providers to communicate with Spid Identity Providers adapting Metadata and AuthnRequest operations to the Spid technical requirements. This solution allows us to adopt multiple proxy frontends and backends to adapt and allows to communicate systems that, due to protocol or specific limitations, traditionally could not interact each other.

    Short glossary:

    • Frontend, interface of the proxy that is configured as a SAML2 Identity Provider
    • Backend, interface of the proxy that is configured as a SAML2 Service Provider
    • TargetRouting, a SATOSA microservice for selecting the output backend to reach the endpoint (IdP) selected by the user
    • Discovery Service, interface that allows users to select the authentication endpoint
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