Public System for Digital Identity

SPID - Public System for Digital Identity


SPID is the digital identity card for the citizens: a single credential system, with a verified identity, that can be integrated on public, but also private websites according to the SAML standard.


SPID (Public System for Digital Identity) is the solution that allows the Italian citizens to access all online services of the Public Administration with a single Digital Identity (username and password) that can be used from computers, tablets and smartphones. Citizens can get SPID through a series of private companies under agreements (known as Identity Provider); once the verification procedure is completed (which certifies the identity of the applicant), you are released a set of credentials that can be used on all the websites (called Service Provider).

At the moment, the integration of SPID is allowed only on the websites of the Public Administration, but soon it will be disciplined and open also for the websites of private companies. The advantages of adopting SPID will be therefore so many: banks and insurance companies, for example, might recognize the citizen who wants to create an account or stipulate an insurance policy simply through the login.


We have scheduled for 2017 the following developments, for which we want to involve the community:

  • Creation of plugins for the main CMSes (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)
  • Integrations on mobiles (iOS, Android)
  • Testsuite of validation of the integration of SPID
  • Testing and validation of SPID

A complete task list con be found in the actual live roadmap:

Live roadmap


SPID uses an open protocol (SAML 2) that can be implemented by applying the official technical rules.

Technical rules

Source code

The released code is still very little, we have big plans about it (see roadmap):

SPID button, with integrated IdP choice

Standard IdP layout

Ansible playbook for SP


We published some useful asset during the integration procedure:

Icons, logos and assets

SPID button (asset only)


We opened an area of discussion in our forum, to solve the technical problems of integration, and a public issue tracker will be soon available.

Forum for technical discussion

We also host weekly videocalls on Jitsi; here you can find all information to join. Feel free to join if you are interested in following the development.

Weekly videocall

Public System for Digital Identity

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