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OpenWISP Controller 1.0.0

Network Management System

A Hackable Network Management System for the 21st Century

Development status: stable

Software functionality

Network Management & Automation

Special focus on wireless networks (public wifi, mesh networks, community networks, IoT)

Allows to build custom applications

  • network management
  • detailed information

    OpenWISP Controller 1.0.0

    Network Management System

    Last release 2022-04-29 (1.0.0)

    Type of maintenance community

    Supported languages English

    Extended description

    OpenWISP is a software platform designed to ease and automate the management of networks, with a special focus on wireless networks, mainly used in public wifi, mesh networks, community networks and IoT scenarios. OpenWISP 2, launched in December 2016, is the new generation of the software which is gradually replacing OpenWISP 1 and aims to build an ecosystem of applications and tools that make it easy for developers to build custom networking applications in order to bring innovation in the network infrastructure of communities that most need it.

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