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Enabling Platform


Payment interface towards the Public Administration

pagoPA is the digital platform that enables payments to the public administration, in a transparent and intuitive way.



pagoPA is an electronic payments system created to make any payment to the Public Administration easier, safer and more transparent. The platform enables citizens and businesses to make payments to public bodies in a standardized way, both online and offline, through participating Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

pagoPA provides citizens with a reliable, efficient and personalized payment experience by allowing them to choose from multiple payment channels and instruments according to their habits, having complete visibility of the cost of the service in total transparency. In addition, pagoPA automatically updates the amount due and ensures with immediacy that the entity has correctly received the payment.

pagoPA enables public administrations to collect money centrally and efficiently, offering automatic reporting and reconciliation systems with significant savings in resources, time and costs and ensuring better service to citizens.


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