A community of developers who design and make Italian digital public services

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Public System for Digital Identity

SPID is the digital identity card for the citizens: a single credential system, with a verified identity, that can be integrated on public, but also private websites according to the SAML standard.

Designers Italia

The Design System for the Italian Public Administration

Designers Italia is the main source for design of Public Administration services: guidelines, tools, a design system and a community of designers to foster collaboration and promote the role of human-centered design during the development of public services.

coming soon

Electronic Identity Card

The new electronic identity card is more than a simple piece of plastic: you can both connect and communicate via NFC, use it to cross ticket barriers or to obtain an SSL certificate connected to your identity



We use existing and well-known tools to give you all information, source code and support that you need


Source code

On our GitHub Italia, we develop SDK and examples to support our projects, with an open development process, and we also track existing issues.


You can find all the maintainers and developers of Developers Italia on our Slack channels. Join us!


Discourse is our forum of choice, to help the community discuss about the projects, exchange tips and tricks, and discuss with maintainers on the roadmap.


Here you will find the technical documentation of all the projects, mainly written in Markdown and ReStructured Text, and compiled with Sphinx and ReadTheDocs.

Api sandbox
coming soon

Play with all the APIs exposed by the projects, in a testing environment that will help you exploring and fixing your implementation.

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