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uniCMS v0.30.2

applicazione web

uniCMS is a Web Application Content Management System developed on top of Django Framework.

Funzionalità del software

Agile and adaptive design and logic (ah-hoc and easy customization) OpenAPIv3 (OAS3) compliant;

Compatible with the major RDBMS engines with agile schema migrations capabilities;

Multitenancy - create and manage multple web applications within single platform;

Query and search capabilities - MongoDB FullText Search via CLI;

Extensive localization with multiple languages;

Ability to handle Editorial Board workflows (WiP) and permissions by contexts;

High performance thanks to its cached model based on Redis TTL;

Security by design - security by default;

Robust enterprise and scalable;

Plugin model and rich interoperability with multiple frameworks and technologies

Università della Calabria -

Informazioni di dettaglio

uniCMS v0.30.2

applicazione web

Ultimo rilascio 2021-12-17 (v0.30.2)

Tipo di manutenzione internal

Lingue supportate Italiano

Descrizione estesa

uniCMS is designed for both end users and developers where the developers can create their own customzied web applications (CMS) without starting one from scratch and end users without any development skills can setup a professional CMS platform without difficulty. uniCMS was created due to necessity of creation and design of a new protal for the University of Calabria. After evaluation of several options, University of Calabria having a strong in-house competitive and highly skilled technical team it was decided to opt for the development of a brand new CMS solution based on Django framework. The entire uniCMS project code is open sourced and therefore licensed under the Apache 2.0.

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