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mui-italia 1.0.2

MUI Italia: Material-UI theme inspired by Bootstrap Italia

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    mui-italia 1.0.2

    Ultimo rilascio 2023-10-19 (1.0.2)

    Tipo di manutenzione internal

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    MUI Italia presents a Material-UI theme enriched by the aesthetics of Bootstrap Italia, tailored for application components. It’s an integration that brings new design elements into Material-UI, offering a seamless approach to styling web applications.

    To leverage this package, integrate it into your application via *npm* or *yarn*. The theme acts as a wrapper, overriding default parameters like colors, font families, and padding sizes. The goal is to minimize custom styles and instead utilize the standard library and this themed framework. Notably, it introduces a specific ‘Italia’ color with a ‘blu italia palette’ for components.

    The CLI commands included in the package.json facilitate various tasks like linting, building, running Storybook, and performing checks with Chromatic for visual regressions. Storybook serves as a comprehensive guide to visualize and interact with the available components.

    Contributions are welcome, emphasizing the creation of versatile, reusable components that align with design guidelines. Two paths are outlined for contributors: building generic components or composing components using the library’s existing ones. Key guidelines revolve around visual consistency, version control, Storybook/Chromatic integration, accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility.

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