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VerificaC19 (Android) 1.3.2

Mobile App

VerificaC19 is the official app of the Italian government for enable operators to verify COVID-19 Green Certificates.

Development status: stable

Software functionality

Verify the validity and authenticity of COVID-19 Green Certificates

Ministero della Salute

detailed information

VerificaC19 (Android) 1.3.2

Mobile App

Last release 2022-06-13 (1.3.2)

Type of maintenance internal

Technical contact

Ministero della Salute

Supported languages Italian

Api documentation VerificaC19 (Android) API

Extended description

VerificaC19 is the official app of the Italian government, developed by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Extraordinary Commissioner for the COVID-19 Emergency, for enable operators to verify the validity and authenticity of COVID-19 Green Certificates issued by Italy National DCC Platform of the Ministry of Health and by the other Member States of the European Union. The app is developed and released in full compliance with the protection of the user’s personal data and current legislation, in particular the decree-law of 22 April 2021, n. 52, as well as the European technical specifications approved by the eHealth Network for the EU Digital COVID Certificate (formerly Digital Green Certificate). VerificaC19 app allows the operators in charge to verify the validity of the COVID-19 green certifications and the “EU Digital COVID Certificates” by reading the certificate QR code. The app does not store or communicate the scanned information to third parties. The app performs the verification in offline mode, i.e. without invoking a remote system service when it is used. In order to verify the certificate authenticity the app must access the backend of the DCC national platfor at least once a day, connected to the European gateway (DGCG), where all the public keys used to sign the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” are collected. The workflow of the VerificationC19 app is divided into the following phases: - The person who must verify the certification asks the user to show the QR code of his certificate - Using the app, the QR code is read and its authenticity is verified using the public key signing the certificate - Once the information contained in the COVID-19 Green Certification or the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” has been decoded, the app shows the main information: - Name, surname and date of birth of the certificate holder - Unique identifier of the certificate - Validity of the certificate - The certificate is verified against the decoded date information and the Italian rules for COVID-19 green certifications. - The person in charge proceeds to visually check the correspondence of the personal data of the holder shown by the VerificationC19 app and certificate holder ID card.

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