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BATMAN 0.0.1

BAtch Task MANagment

BATMAN is designed to aid batch development

Development status: development

Software functionality

batch development

batch scheduling

batch configuration

batch managment

detailed information

BATMAN 0.0.1

BAtch Task MANagment

Last release 2022-05-11 (0.0.1)

Type of maintenance internal

Technical contact

Marco Fioriti

Extended description

BATMAN is based on Spring Batch and Spring Boot, is designed to aid batch development, scheduling, release and manage. Thanks to the DIRETTIVE scenarios, you can specify configurations of the jobs on the application.yml file. By “scenario” we mean the overall representation of the actions that that particular job must perform For example, the “BatchOne” scenario has its specific query to perform that is dynamically loaded into the job but, of course, it must still be managed specifically in the code. _BATMAN _exposes several REST services such as for example for the start/stop of all jobs in the context or the CRON scheduling for a single job.

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