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qrcode stable

R + Shiny app

An automatic Shiny + R tool to produce qrcodes online

Development status: stable

Software functionality

Making qr codes online

  • graphic design
  • detailed information

    qrcode stable

    R + Shiny app

    Last release 2021-07-21 (stable)

    Type of maintenance community

    Technical contact

    Paolo Veronesi

    Extended description

    Probably one of the shortest pieces of code to easily produce qr codes online. Based on the qrcode R package (“”) and written in less than 50 lines of code, it’s an example of a deployable tool to allow collegues to generate and edit qr codes online. Sample text or hyperlinks can be included in the generated qr codes. The user is free to edit the colors and masks of the generated qr code. A working example is here

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