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erg5-eraclito stable


A fast and reliable viewer for climate data

Development status: stable

Software functionality

Showing, filtering and downloading 60 years of climate informations of Emilia Romagna

  • data visualization
  • detailed information

    erg5-eraclito stable


    Last release 2021-07-23 (stable)

    Type of maintenance community

    Technical contact

    Paolo Veronesi

    Extended description

    This software, written in R, and deployed as a Shiny application, is a fast and reliable solution to show, filter and download 60 years of climatic informations of Emilia Romagna Region in the Po Valley. The description of the dataset along with the original datasets is available (in Italian only) at: The original data sets need to be merged and compressed to fst file format in order to be used. A complete and compressed fst file format is available here: For more informations about the fst file format have a look at:

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