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mapmulti stable


A fast and reliable viewer for generic data based on Google Sheets

Development status: stable

Software functionality

a fast viewer of some open data resources of Arpae Emilia Romagna

  • data visualization
  • detailed information

    mapmulti stable


    Last release 2021-07-28 (stable)

    Type of maintenance community

    Technical contact

    Paolo Veronesi

    Extended description

    This software, written in R, and deployed as a Shiny application, is a fast and reliable solution to show some thematic data available at It provides a simple and flexible solution to show data available as Google Sheets. It provides some examples of data manipulation (mainly to address problems like the decimal and thousand separator). Some info boxes are available as an example of what could be extracted from Google Sheets data and showed to users to make the information more exhaustive. The resulting data is displayed using the leaflet R package ( and deployed as a Shiny application.

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