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info-manager 1.2.0

web application

Informational pages CMS with multi language support.

Software functionality

Righ HTML editing with CKEDitor

multi language support

  • employment
  • detailed information

    info-manager 1.2.0

    web application

    Last release 2020-01-13 (1.2.0)

    Type of maintenance internal

    Supported languages Italian

    Extended description

    Consider the humble information page that doesn’t sell, doesn’t generate leads, and doesn’t herd prospects to pages that do, a page that simply provides helpful information on a particular topic. This is info-manager. If handled with care, simple information pages can do a lot of heavy lifting for us:

    • Can be used to handle redirects from http error response (500, 4xx …) - Manages pcookies and privacy related informations - help support, F.A.Q. pages Most of the time our users are online, they’re searching for information, we know that Web makes gathering that information more efficient is it would be well designed. In short, it pays to make your simple information pages the best they can be, modular and standalone. So, it’s why we develoepd info-manager.
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