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Software Registry

Software Registry

Software Registry makes software development phase simplier by showing extended information about projects and allowing source code searches.

Development status: development

Software functionality


repositories list

java dependencies analysis

projects list

code search

releases inspection

detailed information

Software Registry

Software Registry

Last release 2022-05-11

Type of maintenance internal

Technical contacts

Alessio Fioravanti

Daniele Gennaro

Supported languages English

Extended description

Software Registry is a system that supports several software development aspects providing the following features:

  • Automatic generation of a catalog of all software assets
  • Persistence of areas / repositories / projects / dependencies hierarchy of Java projects
  • Java project dependencies analysis and maven module relationships check
  • Check for project dependencies updates
  • Centralized search within software sources (Source Code Search Engine)
  • Visualization of the updated software objects list in a development branch
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