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PDND nteract v0.12.3.1

Jupyter notebook
Variant of Team per la Trasformazione Digitale

Advanced data science on Italian open data using Jupyter notebooks: find, analyze and share all data you are interested in!

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    PDND nteract v0.12.3.1

    Jupyter notebook

    Last release 2019-05-31 (v0.12.3.1)

    Type of maintenance community

    Api documentation PDND nteract API

    Extended description

    This is a branched (daf-*) fork of nteract, a React user interface on top of Jupyter server. We have developed an integration of the API from PDND - DAF (Piattaforma Digitale Nazionale Dati, formerly Data & Analytics Framework) for simplyfing the access to Italian public data inside notebook for data analysis. We are developing a set of UI components integrated into a set of the official API to read, save and **update **data into PDND. User can search for datasets from PDND load into a dataframe and starting working on it. The tool is very powerful and flexible and can be an easy way to start working on public dataset from italian administrations, making simple analysis and reports.

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