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Digital Covid Certificate Android SDK 1.1.10

Android DCC SDK

Software Development Kit (SDK) for Digital Covid Certificate verification

Development status: stable

Software functionality

Verifies Digital Covid Certificate

Ministero della Salute (m_sa)

detailed information

Digital Covid Certificate Android SDK 1.1.10

Android DCC SDK

Last release 2022-06-13 (1.1.10)

Type of maintenance internal

Technical contact

Ministero della Salute

Extended description


This repository contains a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android, issued by the Italian Ministry of Health, which allows you to integrate verification functions for the the COVID-19 Green Certification (by reading a QR code) in access and attendance detection control systems.

Personal data processing

The processing of personal data carried out by the application solutions developed using this SDK must be limited to pertinent information and strictly transactions necessary to verify the validity of the COVID-19 Green Certifications. Furthermore, it is expressly forbidden to store the QR code of the COVID-19 Green Certifications subjected to verification, as well as to extract, consult, register or treat the information detected from reading the QR codes and the information provided after the checks for purposes other than those provided for the verification of the COVID-19 Green Certification, as indicated in the Prime Ministerial Decree released on 12 October 2021.

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