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Online Tax Refund at Exit: Light Lane Optimization

OTELLO 2.0 digitizes the process to obtain the "customs visa" to be affixed to the invoice to be entitled to direct relief or subsequent refund of VAT on goods purchased in Italy from non-EU entities

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OTELLO is the platform of the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli which manages the process that allows non-EU subjects to obtain direct relief or refund of VAT on goods purchased on the Italian territory.

The digitization process of OTELLO began in 2015 with immediate benefits: greater efficiency and effectiveness in controls, the emergence of fraudulent phenomena, reduction of steps to obtain a customs visa.

Starting 1 September 2018 OTELLO 2.0 uses a completely digital process for the issuance of electronic tax free invoice. This process makes the data automatically available to the Agenzia dell’Entrate, and consequently the obligations to the Agency are automatically fulfilled.

In view of this deadline, a test environment is already available that allows developers to prepare and verify the integrations of existing systems according to the new model, and also to develop new digital products based on this integration aimed at facilitating the operation of commercial operators and buyers.


The technical documentation for OTELLO 2.0 and the references of the test environment are available on the Agenzia delle Dogane website.


Developers Italia tools are available to collect and share libraries, components, SDKs to simplify integration with OTELLO 2.0.

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