What's the goal of this website?

The website was created to simplify and improve the interaction between the developers and the Public Administration, starting from some important projects like ANPR, the National Registry of the Resident Population, or SPID, the digital management system of the public identity. Until now, apart some rare exceptions, the central Public Administration limited itself on drafting laws and regulations in a non-technical bureaucratic language without any tool or initiatives to support the developers involved in building and integrating software. Developers Italia wants to fill this gap starting from a handful of projects which will grow in the next months. Around these projects we want to build a community starting from the basics: re-writing the documentation in a technical language, using as a publish platform the open source project Read The Docs. Moreover, we will provide development environments, examples, and SDKs for the most common languages and frameworks. Instead of using a helpdesk accessible only by phone, we will provide a direct support via our forum, built on top of the open source project Discourse and already accessible online.

Who is managing this website?

Developers Italia is a website promoted by the Digital Transformation Team and it’s managed in collaboration with AgID. Every project listed here has also a maintainer which you can find in the project details page. If you want to get in touch with the people whom manages this website look at the Credits page or contact us on our forum.

What's the meaning of "project's maintainer"?

In this website for “maintainer” we mean the people in charge of writing the source code, the documentation, and the examples of the projects. Furthermore, they are in charge of interacting with the developers’ community supporting the adoption of the technology. Typically the maintainers works closely with the product owner of the project and with the technical staff of the Public Administration. For example: PagoPA, the centralised payment system of the Public Administration, is a project of AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale). As such, the maintainers which you can see in Developers Italia will help AgID and will provide support to the community to facilitate the adoption of PagoPA by thousand of people, building and maintaining the plugins for the most common CMSes, interface libraries for Python or Ruby, and documentation of the APIs in technical language.

How do you choose a project's maintainer?

As in every community built around an open source project, the maintainer of the project is chosen based on its technical expertise, its knowledge of the project and the level of partecipation in the community itself. Often, in the context of big projects, they receive a compensation since they put huge efforts in terms of time and resources to contribute to the project itself. A maintainer is not only a supervisor but he must also be the first in terms of quantity and quality of the contribution. Our goal is that all the projects in Developers Italia have always an active maintainer which can lead the community and be a constant reference to the developers.

I want to work with you, how can I do it?

Shortly we’ll publish a competitive bid, following the rules of the public procurement process, to identify the businesses which can provide the people with the best skills to receive the role of maintainer of some of the projects of the community. We want to prioritise small businesses and statups which have previous experiences of collaborating with the Public Administration. We will consider the best ratio between quality and price instead of the cheapest deal because we think that the cost is not the only, and most important, parameter to evaluate the expertise of a developer. We are looking for a developer with a broad experience in the open source world, with experience of maintainance of one or more projects, and with a knowledge of more than one programming language and framework. To keep you up to date with the competitive bids subscribe to our newsletter.

Can I contribute to a project?

Of course! Once you have chosen the project, familiarise with it by reading the documentation and check the roadmap to understand what are the current and future goals. At that point, open a thread on our forum to get in touch with the maintainer and the community and describe us which are your ideas. Once you have broken the ice you can take the reins of the project: all the open source code, the documentation, and the examples will be released under an Open Source license, usually the MIT license but in some cases a different license will be used instead. To contribute just open a pull request on GitHub.

I've released an open source software which can be useful to the community. Can I add it to this website?

If what you have just released is supporting a project already listed on this website, i.e. you wrote an integration of SPID with WordPress, write about it on our forum in order to get in touch with maintainer of the related project.

Which project will you add in the near future to this website?

The goal is to include all the main technologies to support the public offices. If you have a look at the list of projects you can see the complete list of the current released projects. If a project is missing and you want include it in the list get in touch with us in the forum.

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