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National Registry of Resident Population

A single centralised registry, accessible by an API, which holds the up-to-date information about address, civil state, etc.

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ANPR is a memorable project: instead of having more than 8,000 registries spread over the entire national territory (in evey municipality), Italy will have finally a single centralised registry which will simplify all the interactions with the Public Administration.

In the future we hope to provide more features like update your residency’s address or download a Family Status Declaration straight from the website.

This is only the beginning: did you ever asked yourself why you need to request certificates at the registry in your municipality? Simple: at today a single centralised registry where the public offices can access your information doesn’t exists at all. With ANPR it will completely different.

At today the access to the ANPR is reserved only to the public administration and their software. So this section is dedicated to everyone is giving support to municipalities to migrate to ANPR and is helping us to fulfill our vision. There’s a lot of work to do and the contribution of the community is important.


We built some collaboration tools for you including an issue tracker and a forum dedicated to discuss all the problems on integrating ANPR.

Issue tracker Enter the forum


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