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django-delivery v0.11.1

applicazione web

Manage delivery of goods, such as sim cards or 4g routers.




The vitality index, as explicited in the guidelines for the acquisition and reuse of software for Italian PA, is calculated according to the following four main categories:

  • Code activity: the daily number of commits and merges;
  • Release history: the daily number of releases;
  • User community: the number of unique authors;
  • Longevity: the age of the project.

The ranges of every measure can be found in the vitality-ranges.yml file.

Development status: stable

Software functionality

Definition of one or more delivery campaigns;

definition of goods to be delivered;

definition of delivery points associated with the campaign;

definition of stock of goods associated with delivery points;

possible definition of lists of identification codes of goods associated with stocks;

JQuery Datatables integrato, Ajax processing

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  • detailed information

    django-delivery v0.11.1

    applicazione web

    Last release 2021-10-09 (v0.11.1)

    Type of maintenance internal

    Supported languages Italian

    Extended description

    Manage delivery of goods in presence. This application was created to manage a valid list of users for the delivery of an asset, such as sim cards or 4g routers. This application can therefore manage a stock of uniquely identifiable products and at the same time serve for the delivery of anonymous goods, such as glasses of water or food (goods without any identificative value). Principali caratteristiche:

    • Delivery operations are organized through the definition of Campaigns, in a specific time interval;
    • Each campaign involves the activation of Delivery Points, whit users with privileges to manage the flow, called operators;
    • Each campaign can eventually show an Agreement, the user is required to accept when collecting the goods, before the delivery can be intended as succesfully concluded;
    • A stock of available products is defined for each delivery point, each of which may or may not be identified by a code. Glass of water could not have a identification code, SIM card should instead.
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