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A38 0.1.6


parse and generate Italian Fattura Elettronica




The vitality index, as explicited in the guidelines for the acquisition and reuse of software for Italian PA, is calculated according to the following four main categories:

  • Code activity: the daily number of commits and merges;
  • Release history: the daily number of releases;
  • User community: the number of unique authors;
  • Longevity: the age of the project.

The ranges of every measure can be found in the vitality-ranges.yml file.

Development status: beta

Software functionality

Implement the Italian Fattura Elettronica in a declarative data model

detailed information

A38 0.1.6


Last release 2022-04-01 (0.1.6)

Type of maintenance internal

Extended description

This library implements a declarative data model similar to Django models, that is designed to describe, validate, serialize and parse Italian Fattura Elettronica data. Only part of the specification is implemented, with more added as needs will arise. Anyone is welcome to implement the missing pieces they need and send a pull request: the idea is to have a good, free (as in freedom) library to make billing in Italy with Python easier for everyone. The library can generate various kinds of fatture that pass validation, and can parse all the example XML files distributed by

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