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e-procurement platform
Variant of Regione Marche

Modulo per l'esecuzione schedulata di procedure ETL




The vitality index, as explicited in the guidelines for the acquisition and reuse of software for Italian PA, is calculated according to the following four main categories:

  • Code activity: the daily number of commits and merges;
  • Release history: the daily number of releases;
  • User community: the number of unique authors;
  • Longevity: the age of the project.

The ranges of every measure can be found in the vitality-ranges.yml file.

Development status: stable

Software functionality

Gestione script ETL

Attribuzione metadati procedure ETL

Schedulazione ETL

Consulazione log ETL

  • procurement
  • detailed information


    e-procurement platform

    Last release 2021-10-15

    Type of maintenance contract

    Contract with Software support ended MAGGIOLI SPA until the 2021-12-31

    Extended description

    Modulo per l’esecuzione schedulata di procedure ETL (Extract/Transform/Load). Permette di definire uno o più script per l’esecuzione di procedure ETL. Gli script sono contenuti in file XML e seguono una sintassi basata su SQL e java.

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