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QuakeML to NonLinLoc PHS v1.25.0


Docker image to convert QuakeML format to NonLinLoc PHS format.




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Development status: stable

Software functionality

Converter from QuakeML to NonLinLoc PHS

  • research
  • detailed information

    QuakeML to NonLinLoc PHS v1.25.0


    Last release 2023-01-03 (v1.25.0)

    Type of maintenance internal

    Extended description

    This project is developed to create a Docker image with a simple converter from QuakeML to NonLinLoc PHS. QuakeML is a flexible, extensible and modular XML representation of seismological data which is intended to cover a broad range of fields of application in modern seismology. More info about QuakeML: The NonLinLoc (Non-Linear Location) package is a set of programs for velocity model construction, travel-time calculation and probabilistic, non-linear, global-search earthquake location in 3D structures, and for visualisation of 3D volume data and location results. Many of the programs operate with a 3D Grid structure which defines a specific, gridded, rectangular volume (Non-GLOBAL mode) or spherical section (GLOBAL mode). More info about NonLinLoc:

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