HYP2000-WS 2.5.1


Web Service built on top of hypoinverse, a software used to Locate earthquakes.

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Development status: stable

Software functionality

Web Service built on top of hypoinverse

Software used to locate earthquakes and determine magnitudes in a local or regional seismic network

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HYP2000-WS 2.5.1


Last release 2019-12-05 (2.5.1)

Type of maintenance internal

Extended description

Hypoinverse is software used to Locate earthquakes and determine magnitudes in a local or regional seismic network. More info aboute Hypoinverse, here: https://www.usgs.gov/software/hypoinverse-earthquake-location At INGV we build stand-alone Docker to deploy “hyp2000” (https://github.com/ingv/hyp2000) and on top of that was buit a Web Service; It gets in input a JSON file with phases and amplitudes. For each station name, It searches the metadata (like Lat and Long) on the FDSN-StationXML Web Services around the world. The output could be in a standard format like ARC and PRT or in JSON.

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