FDSNWS Fetcher 1.1.0


Docker used to retrieve "resp", "dless", "sac", "minified", "paz" or "dataselect_list" from FDSN node.

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Development status: stable

Software functionality

Seismic waveform and metadata downloader

detailed information

FDSNWS Fetcher 1.1.0


Last release 2019-06-20 (1.1.0)

Type of maintenance internal

Extended description

This project is developed to interact with “station” and “dataselect” FDSN (https://www.fdsn.org) Web Services:

  • the “station” WS is used to retrieve station metadata: https://www.fdsn.org/webservices/FDSN-WS-Specifications-1.2.pdf#page=11
  • the “dataselect” WS is used to retrieve seismic waveform: https://www.fdsn.org/webservices/FDSN-WS-Specifications-1.2.pdf#page=9

It is developed using docker technology and implements a set of software, tools and script to find seismic stations by geographic constrain and time window.

The output is RAW data like seismic “waveforms” in MSEED format or metadata like response function in “SAC”, “RESP” or “PAZ” (Poles and Zeros) format.

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