Data & Analytics Framework

DAF's vision is to make public data easy to access and understand by PAs to support them in their data driven decision making, and to facilitate access to information that can be made public by citizens and businesses.



The Data & Analytics Framework (DAF) is part of the activities aimed at enhancing the national public information heritage. DAF aims to develop and simplify the interoperability of public data between PAs, standardize and promote the dissemination of open data, optimize data analysis processes and generate knowledge. The idea is to open the world of public administration to the benefits offered by modern platforms for managing and analysing big data.

The DAF is based on a big data platform, composed of: a data lake, a set of data engines and tools for data communication.

In the data lake personal data such as: (i) data bases that PA generates in order to carry out its institutional mandate, in compliance with personal data protection regulations; (ii) data generated by Public Administration’s IT systems such as logs and usage data that do not fall under the previous definition; (iii) authorized data from the web and social networks of potential public interest, are stored.

The Big Data Engines are useful for harmonizing and processing, both in batch mode and real-time, the raw data stored in the Data lake, and implementing models of machine learning.

Lastly, data communication tools are useful in favouring the use of data processed by stakeholders, including through APIs that display data and functionality to third-party applications.

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